Homelands Infants School

Miss Toms, the headmistress was appointed in 1950 and stayed until she retired in 1968.  She took the Nursery Class in the first room on the right.  She did this because if the phone rang or visitors arrived she could leave the children in the capable hands of her assistant, Mrs Morris.

Mary McLean

Being in an area designated as “deprived” we were allowed a Nursery Class.  There were 120 children from a wide variety of backgrounds, from professional homes to families living in two rooms.  In those days catchment areas did not seem to matter so we had children from as far afield as Watcombe and Wellswood.  All our children came to school well dressed and beautifully behaved.  We were extremely proud of all of them.  Other teachers in the area said we were snobs and that “Homelands” was like a private school.


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