Hampton Court School (now Abbey School)

I remember the bottles of milk being warmed on the oil stove in one of the classrooms at Hampton Court, and being chastised for not being able to plait my own hair! Swimming lessons were taken at the Palace Hotel with Mr White – not a good experience for me, his method of teaching nervous children was to push us in.  I think I had extra French instead.  Learning then was by rote, spelling and times tables in a competitive situation of each ‘house’ sitting cross-legged on the floor.  Woe betide us if we made a mistake.


School photo 1950's.
School photo 1950’s.


In 1951 I was enrolled as a pupil at the Hampton Court School where Miss James was the headmistress (she lived there with her parents, the elderly Mr and Mrs James; Mrs James being a dead ringer for Queen Mary, the grandmother of our present Queen.)

Margaret Powling