Furrough Cross Church


In 1850 a number of parishioners decided to leave the parish church of St. Marychurch after coming to the conclusion that the teaching there was far too catholic.  There was a lot of disunity at about that time within the Church of England.  A piece of land at the side of Furrough Cross lane was purchased and the foundation stone of the free church was laid by the Reverend W. Mitchell of Exeter.

The new church opened in July 1852, the Reverend John E. Gladstone (who had resigned from the Church of England) was appointed Minister.  The church was built in the Anglican style but it was not linked to any denomination, being known as the Furrough Cross Free Church.

During the war, in October 1942, the church was considerably damaged by bombing, the services were held in the hall for over six years until the church re-opened in 1949.

The church is now known as Furrough Cross United Reformed Church.

Furrough Cross gets its name from ‘furrow’, meaning ‘a piece of arable land’.


church information: https://furroughcross.org