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Our website is being updated and reorganised at present.  You may notice that it is not easy to navigate at times.


We may not be able to do our promised Summer activities but we can do things behind the scenes.



Covid-19 Virus update


Due to the dreaded Covid-19 virus all our talks and social events are cancelled until further notice.


We are working behind the scenes, as you may have noticed the website has become rather clunky in it’s workings and photos have gone astray.


We will keep you informed and please stay safe.


Monthly talk February 2020

Suzanne Jones was our speaker on the subject of Victorian Gardens.

She explored the effect of the Industrial Revolution and the British Empire on the gardens and gardeners of Devon in the 19th century, and their lasting legacy.

That explains why our parks and gardens look the way they do today.

Monthly talk January 2020

We started this year with a concert. Mike Holgate is always a popular visitor to St Anne’s Hall. He has extensively researched the story of John “Babbacombe” Lee, and has written a book on the subject.

He told the story in song, many of them the ballads of the day. You may have thought that you knew the story of John Lee, but Mike did have some surprises.

Much more of the story had been discovered.

Monthly talk November 2019

We had something quite different for our November talk. Dr Sue Andrew, an art and architectural historian, took us on a journey from the roof bosses of our Devon churches to the Gobi desert, in search of the Three Hares.

What an intriguing, lavishly illustrated and geographically wide-ranging talk, based on considerable research.  Sue has delivered this talk as far afield as Kuwait and a crowded St Anne’s Hall only had to travel a short distance from home.

Monthly talk October 2019

Water wings and souwesters were a must outside and inside St Anne’s hall. The rain and wind did not deter the hardly Babbacombe and St Marychurch folk for this evening’s talk.

Herald Express columnist Nick Pannell told us about some of our local shipwrecks, from the wreck of HMS Savage on Roundham Head in 1762 to the Santa Anna, the Panamanian-registered tanker, that ran aground on Thatcher Rock in 1998.

Thank you Nick.

The AGM and our monthly talk

Our AGM, as always, we aimed to complete the business 15 minutes.

We moved on very quickly to a talk by Colin Roulstone “A Mystery Revealed”.

Colin Roulstone is a life member of our Society, and is a well-respected local historian. However, we can’t say too much about his talk, after all ……. it was a mystery !

What was the mystery? You should have been there to hear the answer.