Monthly talk April 2019

For our final talk before the summer break, David Hinchliffe, one of our own members, told us all about the Torquay Historical Pageant of 1924.

Starting with the first of the modern historical pageants at Sherborne in Dorset in 1905, we heard how “pageantitis” gripped the nation, with one million people attending the Pageant of London in 1911. Torquay had to wait until 1924 to hold its own pageant, which took place at Rock End. Over 2,000 local people took part and over 25,000 spectators saw our our local history acted out, from Stone Age feuds through to the Spanish Armada and Princess Victoria’s visit to Torquay in 1833.

David concluded his talk by reminding us of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, which he described as the latest interpretation of a historical pageant.

That is it for our talk season, we will regroup in September but in the meanwhile the guided walks start on July the 2nd.