Monthly Talk April 2016

So it was standing room only for a ride on our very own “Devon General Buses”

Philip Platt was joined by a whole group of enthusiastic ex- Devon General workers.

We were taken from horse drawn to electric and on to the buses we now know.

An hilarious end to our Winter/Spring season.

read more about the buses onĀ  Devon General buses



Mrs Janice Gidley re: St Marys Cottages St MaryChurch

I am tracing my husbands family tree and have just obtained a copy of
his grandfather Fredk J Gidley’s s birth certificate which shows he
was born on 5/4/1885 @ 3 St Marys Church Cottages, St Marychurch
Devon. We live in Greater London so it is not easy to come down to
research and I would be grateful if you could tell me if these
cottages still exist and how I can find out more about the area

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